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Thursday, April 21, 2011


For many years, coffee was considered a vice,  linked with sleepless nights and cigarettes.

But  scientists have discovered that coffee contains potent  antioxidants that can fight numerous ailments, including  heart disease and diabetes.  According to the  American Coffee Association, 54 percent of Americans drink  coffee on a daily basis, and they drink, on average, over  three cups each.

The diseases coffee can benefit include:

Drinking moderate  amounts of coffee during middle age - classified as three  to five cups daily - can decrease the  risk of  dementia by 65 percent, according to a 2009 study by  Swedish and Finnish researchers.

For those who drink too much alcohol, those  who drink the most coffee - more than four cups every day  - reduced their risk of developing alcoholic cirrhosis by  80 percent.

Research associated  with The Nurses' Health Study found that women who drank  two to three cups of coffee daily had a 25 percent lower  risk of dying from heart disease.  Along the same  line, a Spanish study found that men who drank more than  five cups of coffee each day lowered their risk of dying  from heart disease by 44 percent, and that women who drank  four to five cups each day reduced their risk by 34  percent.

A recent study from  Harvard Medical School found that men who drank the most  coffee slashed their risk of developing the fastest  growing and most difficult to treat prostate cancers by  more than half when compared to men who drank no  coffee.

Drinking four or more cups of  coffee each day dramatically reduces the incidence of  gout, say US and Canadian researchers.  Men who drank  four to five cups daily lowered their risk by 40 percent,  and those who drank six or more cups daily reduced their  risk of developing gout by 59 percent when compared to men  who didn't drink coffee.

Coffee  can either reduce the risk of developing breast cancer or  delay its onset, according to Swedish studies.  They  found that coffee alters a woman's metabolism and produces  a safer balance of estrogens.  Women who drank two to  three cups of coffee a day reduced their cancer risk by as  much as two-thirds, depending on the specific type of  breast cancer.

Enjoying six or more  cups of coffee daily can cut chances of Type 2 diabetes by  54 percent in men and 30 percent in women over those who  don't drink coffee.

Several  studies show that drinking coffee lowers a man's risk of  developing Parkinson's up to 80 percent - and the more the  better.

A Japanese report found  that women who drank three or more cups of coffee every  day slashed their risk of developing colon cancer in  half.

(By Sylvia Booth Hubbard,  Newsmax)
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