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Thursday, March 7, 2013


Pointless questions are hidden clues in disguise. They force us to see the world upside down and inside out. We regard so much as pointless, stupid, weak, and plain that sometimes, we even dub life as a whole that way.

So ask yourself, what then is the point of living? Does anything even have a purpose if it's not slighted by fate? Or maybe that's just our voice, always shouting out labels for the most intangible items, bouncing back?

Life has never been built into a sturdy pyramid of steel. It's either a pyramid of underpaid acrobats or a deck of flimsy cards
that you buy on sale at your local Dollar Tree. At any second, unprepared, it'll all just come toppling down on you, and not a syllable will you be able to utter in defiance.

So just live life and don't think so much about organization and order. Even if you fall and fail, get up and brush off the dust. Just don't label your life as "fragile" ; someone's bound to shatter your crystal pyramid there!

Copyright © 2007 Yekaterina Bezpalaya 

I believe so much in the human spirit and that the follies of life are like guiding North Stars that are meant to lead in the right direction. If we would just learn to learn from them, then maybe the weak pyramids, that are our lives, would stop crashing.

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