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Thursday, March 7, 2013


lamborghini-veneno-01.jpgThey said it couldn't be done, but Lamborghini has pulled a design coup and successfully created the world's most-difficult-to-wax car. A cleverly arranged array of fins, vents, humps, angles, and even dangerously sharp edges have been designed to stymie even the most dedicated lackey, who simply will not be able to apply Meguiar's and wipe it back off in a reasonable amount of time. Mr. Miyagi's car, this isn't.

That isn't the only benefit conferred by the contorted shape: Should a cinderblock fall onto the car from above and damage the sheet metal, onlookers will likely not be able to tell where the damage occurred, saving the driver money on bodywork.

lamborghini-veneno-02.jpgEarly chatter indicated these drawings were fake, but Jalopnik's now fairly certain that the Lamborghini Veneno will debut at this week's Geneva Motor Show. Priced at a reasonable $4.6 million, the Veneno should prove irresistible to young families who need to get around town in a safe, roomy way. And the exterior styling belies a sensible 6.5-liter V12 powerplant, whose 750 horsepower and 220 m.p.h. top speed should be more than enough to get you over to the inlaws in a comfortable manner.

The Veneno will reportedly not come with a glovebox, but instead, a handbasket. Then you can take that handbasket, place the car inside of it, and you can bring it straight with you to Hell.


by hipstomp / Rain Noe 

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