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Thursday, March 7, 2013


I was said to be the worst student and my family thought it would be a miracle if I ever did my matriculation, and I believed it, but you can never be too sure in life. I was repeating class VI and during the same time a new teacher, Miss Sadia, joined our school. She was our Social Studies teacher, a fresh graduate maybe, but her intelligence was far beyond her physical age.

I was sitting in my classroom during our lunch break, as I was in the habit of staying alone. Miss Sadia had also stayed back after the class as she wanted to check our copies. When she noticed that I was still there she called me over to her desk and began to talk to me. It was just a normal conversation. After that day she gave particular attention to me and it made me feel special. My grades started to improve in her subject and I also began to feel happier. It gave me the feeling that someone believed in me.

A few months later, she moved into a block away from my home. We would walk home together once in a while, after school. She always had something special to say and was sure of me more than I was of myself. Her constant support helped me, especially my studies as I always knew she would check my grades not just in her subject but overall. I came second in class and was promoted. But our relationship continued; she was always there and had time to listen to me, because she cared.

After class VII she started to slowly drift away but did keep a constant check on me. By the time I was in class IX we hardly spoke but till then I had changed for the better. I did my matriculation and left my school. I was out of touch with her as she was hardly available over the phone. I studied and studied. I knew I could do it as she had implanted her trust and confidence deep inside me.

I completed my graduation and did my masters and one fine day our paths crossed again. I met her at a wedding. Like a child I ran to her and hugged her with tears in my eyes. I began to tell her that I had done my masters and how I had missed her in all these years.

After we exchanged small chit chats I could not help asking her, "Why did you stop talking to me?"

She held my hand and said, "I wanted you to be independent, you are complete and you need not give credit to anyone for your success and your failures. I wanted you to take control of your life. I wanted you to be a tree standing on your own roots, not relying on others, and here you are," she leaned forward, still holding my hand in hers and kissed me on my forehead, saying, "I wanted you to move on and today I am proud of you."

Later that evening when we were exchanging our goodbyes she whispered in my ear, "You are your inspiration, do not look for a shoulder".

I could not say anything but smiled as I only knew that she was my inspiration, and would always be.

Copyright © 2007 Shamama Shabbir

It is a true story about my life and relates to how someone can change your life and your destiny and I will always cherish this and want to be a positive influence for other also.

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