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Monday, March 11, 2013


One day, an angel was roaming in the forest. It was a very beautiful day. The angel saw trees touching the sky, and leaves were swinging with cool breeze. Flowers were smiling, painted with beautiful colors, and the birds were singing. Angel was very pleased to see the beauty that God had created; it was a magical feeling.

After walking a little further, the angel saw a rose plant. The rose plant was crying. The angel felt very sad.

The angel asked the rose plant, "Why are you crying, my child?"

The rose plant replied, "God doesn't love me as much as he loves other plants."

And the angel said, "What makes you think that, my beautiful?"

Rose plant then said, "God gave me a thorn."

The angel said, "Awwww, God didn't give you a thorn, you were born with the thorn. God blessed you with a beautiful flower with beautiful carved petals. God blessed you with a sweet fragrance. You are remembered as a symbol of love. God blessed your beauty to live with the thorn."

Live your life with your strength, not with your weakness.

Written in 2006 by Mansi Arora (India)

My name is Mansi Arora and I was born different. I am 32 years old and short in stature, 4 feet tall. My doctor diagnosed me with Metaphyseal Dysplasia. I wrote this story last year and hope all of you enjoyed reading it. Have a blessed day. 

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