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Monday, March 11, 2013


Once there was a rich man who fell seriously ill. He sold all his belongings just to cure his illness. After he became healthy, he realized that he had nothing left. He had difficulties feeding himself, but he thought that in no time things would be back to normal again, he would be rich again.

He waited for a long, long time but nothing happened. His life was dreadful and so he decided that if he took his own life, it would be over. So he did.

While on his way to hell, he met two angels who were carrying a heavy load. He asked them where they were going.

After their long explanations, this man realized that the two angels were coming to him. The heavy load they were carrying was a bag full of money. But since he was no longer alive, he wouldn't be able to receive it.

(Author Unknown) Submitted by Lilia C., Age 16 - Colorado
This story has helped me deal with so many situations. Some people go through so many rough times and because of that they want to take their own life. I hope the lessson will help them to deal with their problem - you have to be patient with everything.

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