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Thursday, January 10, 2013


This week I would like to talk a little bit about " Teamwork" and to thank our team members (you) for really being involved. Most of you know me through Motivating Moments, as an editor and publisher, but I also do other work including website evaluations, re-design, web log analysis, and research for companies looking to improve sales or for acquisitions. I work with smaller companies where I can help them immediately.

Often I am asked the value of having multiple people work on a project. The true value, as I see it, if you can assemble a team of individuals who have unique talents, and all are willing to listen and learn from one another, no one can beat you.

In my day-to-day dealings with clients, I am part of their team, helping them with solutions, and they are part of my team, helping me to improve our services. I like to think of it as a Virtual Company with multiple resources.

Sometimes I'm asked, "How do we get our people motivated to participate in this project?" I reply, "Believe they have value, show them that their input is important and will be considered, and that if you can help people uncover what motivates them individually and show them how self-motivation is their greatest asset, then I think you will find them ready, willing and able to help".

I don't believe that people want to be negative, I just think that sometimes we are so bombarded on a daily basis with it, that it's hard to shift gears back to the way we want to be and think.

So often we look for answers on the outside, when the true answers are really within us. Sometimes we get stuck, and that's when we need helpers: quotes, stories, visual and audio aids, seminars, a coach, or a friendly ear from a friend or family member to remind us of what we want and that we are good enough to have it.

So the next time you feel a little negative, remember your helpers and put yourself back into the mindset you want and be part of this worldwide team trying to make a difference "one person at a time" (meaning starting with ourselves first).

Here's to a wonderful, bright new year and your success. Be inspired to do something that you've wanted to do for a long time. Find ways to keep yourself motivated. With commitment, action and constant assessment you will be on your way to success.

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