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Thursday, January 10, 2013


In life we can be hit with rocks so big, leaving us bruises and scars so deep, that one can barely get up. With every hit one falls, but God always catches us. He pulls those rocks off us and helps us by walking with us hand in hand.

Life will be filled with tests and hardships. I call them storms - storms that can consume so much of our being, storms that leave us holding on with all our might, struggling not to let go, struggling to survive.

Some of us get tested harder than others but the strong ones who live through these storms are the ones who come out victorious. There is an amazing feeling that comes with the victory of strength, perseverance, determination and most of all loyalty to God. With each fall… with each hit…a lesson is learned. With each lesson comes growth. With growth comes maturity. We learn not to regret the hardship, but to be thankful for it. Because of it we become better for it.

We must not look back at our past mistakes. We have to take those mistakes as part of our journey for a better future. We must embrace those experiences and allow them to mold us into the best we can be. No one knows what life will bring. Each day will come with it's own challenges, but we must be strong believing that God will get us through. Remembering his promise for our eternal peace and happiness.

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