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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


One cold evening I went to New Delhi Railway station to reserve my ticket for Kolkata. It was too cold, foggy weather; I could not stand outside. I parked my bike near the station counter and I tried to go inside the ticket counter.

Suddenly, I saw a man, trying to get relief from the cold with a torn blanket, on the footpath. He had no hands, no legs, and he was
trembling from the cold. He was trying to cover his body with the torn blanket, but he failed every time to do it. He wished for someone to come and help him.

So many people crossed by there, with a smile, to see the scene. I forgot all about the cold and I was whispering to myself, "God, why you are giving so much pain to his handicapped person? Why are you not helping this man?"

Then I suddenly realize that God sent me to help this person and I quickly ran to help him cover his body.

He said, "SUKRIYA BHAISAAB (Thanks)".

It's not a big thing for everybody, but it changed me a lot. God gave me the dream to help poor, handicapped people. I realized one thing that a dream is one thing, which runs human. From that day, I promised myself, whatever it may take, I will help lots... lots... of people to live a happy life.

Here I would like to request everybody, if you see anybody who requires help, don't just pass by. Try to give possible help to them. Maybe God sent you to help them.

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