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Friday, March 25, 2011

Former Apple Employee Launches New Mobile App, Color.

Former Apple employee Bill Nguyen is launching a new mobile-based social network, Color [iTunes link].

Color is an application based upon photo and video-sharing to those around you. Instead of compiling a database of friends, the multimedia shared on Color is visible to people in close proximity to the user.

Color is a completely transparent application, meaning there is no hiding behind usernames and passwords. There are no friend requests and no privacy settings. Your use of the application is your consent to share information. The application gives the user a live feed of all users' activity within 150 feet.

Nguyen said, "I want you to say hello to your neighbors. A lot of the things that have been recreated online have been virtual reality."

The transparency of the application forces users to be accountable for their actions, possibly hindering the internet bullying trend seen recently.

Nguyen has a great track record for creating successful applications and companies. Nguyen founded Onebox, Seven and Lala, all of which he created and developed then sold. Nguyen sold Lala, an online music application, to Apple for US$80 million.

Nguyen is a trailblazer for technology applications, and is clearly blazing a new path with Colors

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