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Thursday, August 7, 2014


Because Nothing Says 'I Love You' Like Fruit Wearing Lingerie

Saturday is Chinese Valentine's Day (August 2, 2104). But why buy your loved one flowers when you can give her peaches wearing panties? Just yesterday, the scantily-clad fruits went viral -- not just in China, but globally. The juicy bottoms were tweeted by a Chinese state news outlet, the People's Daily, and also got coverage in mainstream U.S. outlets such as New York magazine and Kotaku.

The lingerie-wearing peaches were conceived by Yao Xiaoyang, an enterprising fruit seller in Nanjing. He teamed up with a local lingerie company, IDFIX, to create the tiny undies. Mr. Yao calls the product "When the Peaches Are Ripe," a play on the name of a sexy Chinese movie.

Mr. Yao said he timed his PR blitz for Qixi Festival or Chinese Valentine's Day, which is Saturday. Typically, women might hope for flowers or a nice date. Fruit is indeed a popular gift in China, but it's the kind of thing you might bring along when visiting an elderly relative.
There hasn't been been such quirky consumer product news in China since mid-July, when the country's food safety authorities banned vampire juice (juice packaged in fake medical blood bags.)

Mr. Yao, whose shop is called Fruit Hunter, said he sells the product online and on WeChat, the mobile app that has been branching into e-commerce lately. He said he applied for a patent on his idea as copycats have been popping up.

Five peaches cost a hefty $84, or 520 yuan. But it's worth it, because 5-2-0 in Chinese sounds like the words for "I Love You."

By Angela Doland.

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