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Sunday, August 17, 2014


Baby-Shaped Fruit

Chinese fruit farmers are using plastic molds to grow bizarre baby-shaped pears. The farmers use molds fabricated by Fruitmould, a Chinese company that specializes in creating molds that help you grow baby-shaped pears, square watermelons, heart-shaped cucumbers and all manner of other edible oddities.

While the fruit are in their early developmental stages, the farmers apply the plastic molds around the pear. The pear then grows into the mold to realize its shape.

The end results are baby-shaped pears complete with peaceful closed eyes, tiny little noses and mouths and elegantly crossed hands, making them look at once adorable and creepy. Eating something shaped like a baby remains a disconcerting thought, but these baby-shaped pears are becoming all the rage in China and may yet catch on elsewhere.


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