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Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Many of us have experienced many challenges in our lives. Some we have brought on ourselves leading to unexpected consequences. Other times it's situations out of our control. No matter the case, life can be dark and at times we wonder when the light will shine. We then live with guilt for the pain we caused and fail to forgive ourselves when God already did. The lack of hope takes over causing a deep sadness that cripples our lives. The hole in our heart being so deep we forget that it can be filled. We go through life searching for fulfillment, but in all the wrong ways.

With time there is the realization that no material gain, relationship or outer accomplishment makes us truly happy. It's a temporary satisfaction. True everlasting happiness comes within ourselves. How we feel inside determines our true joy in life. But to attain that it starts with our relationship with God. The belief that he can accomplish the impossible, that there is no obstacle or problem bigger than him.

When a difficult situation arises, there has to be a true belief that he has full control. He will make it right even when we made it wrong. What seems unreal to us is real to him. There is no circumstance in our life that he can't make great. The key is we must believe it with all our heart. We must live by the secret of life, which is to ask Him for what we want, believe he'll bring it to pass and then we will receive it.

It may not happen on our time, but God promises he'll make it a reality on his time. Once we believe that he has us in the palm of his hands, then our soul is at peace. Then we are ready to experience the life of victory he has planned for us. The blessings begin to come into our lives, giving us hope, proving his promise. That is when we no longer worry and we can live in peace, because of the assurance that our life is in his hands. No matter what happens God will make it right.

When life's problems overwhelm us, that's when God is going to take hold and turn our life around. Instead of feeling sad, depressed, worried we should feel joy....because we know that it's time for the greatness God has in store for us.

Copyright © 2008 Yanira Crespo

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