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Saturday, July 20, 2013


Thought can attract to us only that which we first mentally embody. We cannot attract to ourselves that which we are not. We can attract in the outer only that which we have first completely mentally embodied within, that which has become a part of our mental make-up, a part of our inner understanding.

A man going into business will attract to himself that which he thinks about the most. If he is a barber, he will attract people who want to be shaved or have their hair cut. If he sells shoes, he will attract people who want to buy shoes.

So it is with everything; we will not only do this, but we will also attract as much of anything as we mentally embody. This is apt to be overlooked in the study of metaphysics.

It is not enough to say that we attract what we think; we become what we think, and what we become we will attract.

Do not become merely sentimental about this. Your life is governed by more than a sentiment; it is governed by law, something that cannot be broken, something that picks up every mental attitude and does something with it. This fundamental proposition of the law should then work out into our conditions.

Always remember that it does just as we think. It does not argue, it simply does the thing as we think it.

Now how are we thinking?

By Ernest S. Holmes 

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