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Saturday, March 2, 2013


There is one type of illness in the world that affects more people than anything else and is very deadly. If untreated this illness could affect everything you do. What is this illness? Depression. Serious depression requires professional treatment. Self-induced depression is something each of us can change.

Everyone's circumstances are different and the pressures we face from day to day vary, but really some of the causes self-induced depression are common: low self-esteem, hurtful thinking and a bad attitude.

Although these affect people on a global scale and cause much heartache, how can we change the way we think, feel, and cultivate a cheerful attitude? Like with any obstacle there will be stumbling blocks, but they can be avoided.

First we must look at ourselves, truly and honestly examining our motives for what we do and what we wish to achieve. If you are dissatisfied because you feel you haven't or can't do anything, then one step is needed - to set goals.

Always start your goals relatively small and easy to attain. Think of them as sand; one grain may be insignificant but as a group they form the beach.

Once you have set and attained small goals for yourself, move on to slightly larger, more challenging goals. Examples might be like competing in a sporting event, studying at college or getting a part time job. And most importantly of all, talk to people about your goals. Talk to people who have reached higher goals, for they can give you much encouragement.

It takes more than just setting goals to be happy. It takes positive thinking. How can we attain this?

There are a number of factors that can make us think negatively and one of those is diet.

In my opinion, a person who eats a lot of take out and fast food is feeding their body junk which mostly consists of fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, sugar and is generally low in vitamins and minerals. Start by eating better foods, more fruit and veggies, meat products and high fiber meals which give the body much NEEDED minerals. If your physical body is happy, it's much easier for your mental body or "thinking ability" to be happy.

Next, exercise. A half-hour a day is recommended for positive well being. Why is exercise so important?

Because it gets oxygen running around the body more easily which helps us think better and helps us sleep better. If you are having difficulties sleeping, a little more physical work or exercise during the day may be needed.

Thinking is also linked to what we do.

For example: if you do something that you hate doing everyday, it will show in your attitude. This probably explains why so many people are angry in the work place. If you don't like what you do, but have no choice in doing it, try to give yourself some hobbies or activities you really enjoy doing (building lego technic is always a good one for me).

Hobbies are just like lifelong invisible friends. If all else fails, you can turn to them.

If thinking positive becomes that difficult, think back to a time in your life when you were happier, or think about good memories you had, or generally think of things that make you smile.

Remember, everything you wear costs money but to wear a smile is free. A smile can be the difference between an average day and a great day and also offers you some brief exercise (smiling requires the movement of certain facial muscles).

If you follow these steps, positive change is inevitable.

To be happy depends not only on good health mentally, how we think and feel, but also on how healthy we are physically. So start making positive goals, treating your body to healthier foods, and stay motivated in life by doing things you love or think are fun, and thus you can enjoy the precious life you have.

Copyright © 2007 Allen Steble 

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