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Monday, February 11, 2013


I have learned (only recently I might add and I'm 35) that life is like a Jigsaw puzzle. This one however doesn't come in a box. You don't get to see the final picture before you start. You just have to live it and watch the pieces slowing coming together.

I have never been a patient person.

EVER! When I want something - I want it NOW.

Right now though, in my life, I find that I am in a "Waiting" stage. Everything I want today, is still beyond my control and I have no control over whether or not (when the waiting period is over) I can HAVE what it is, that I now want.

I have a strange feeling that this "Waiting" period, will serve only as a lesson in Patience. And sometimes the waiting times in our lives are just as important as the times when we take action.

This stage in my life brings me to a story that I would now like to share with you about patience and the value of not knowing what is up the road.

When my parents first started out in business, they sought only a job that would keep them in town. My father (prior to this) worked in the bush and after they were married, my Mother wanted to stay close to her home so they put in for the contract with Australia Post to be couriers. They were given this contract and so the story begins.

After this, they continued delivering parcels around town. Well, what they were delivering became bigger and bigger and their customer base increased - first State wide and then across Australia. When they started off they had a "home business". They now have 4 depots across the State and ship furniture across Australia and the World. So you see, they started out just wanting a job that would keep them close to family and ended up with a multi-million dollar company.

Had they seen the final picture, or the Picture on the front of the Jigsaw box, they probably would have shaken their heads and said "Impossible Dream." It may have appeared to them so hard or impossible to bring to life that they may never have embarked on the journey at all.

The moral of this story is this:

Sometimes you have to be "Patient" and wait. Just do what is in your heart to do now, and trust that eventually, the Jigsaw Puzzle will all come together and display, what you will see, is Your Beautiful Life…

Copyright © 2006 Vicki Muller 

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