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Tuesday, January 15, 2013


My son and I had a very lengthy conversation today. Our conversation consisted of many avenues of why this and why that. He seemed angry towards those who have everything and never had to work for anything in their life. He mentioned about how his friends whose wealthy parents give them, cars and money have it so easy. He really does not want to work, he would rather stay home but he does have a job.

He has not set any goals for himself and that bothers me, I guess. I told him that I could only guide him in the right direction but
that he has to live his own life. I also mentioned that those people who have everything either have worked towards their goals they made or they never had to learn responsibility of earning a living (everything was given to them).

I told him a story about me growing up and that at the age of sixteen, I wanted a place of my own and wanted to move out. At the time I was living with my mother and I just to wanted be independent. I wanted to finish high school, work and have my own place and I did. Before I graduated from high school I had all of these things.

I believe that goals are important if you want to go somewhere in life. I told my son that we all get a different blueprint in life and whatever is chosen for us, there is something in it that we must all learn (even those who have everything).

Just because some have everything, it doesn't always make their lives happy and complete. He said to me, "What is it that I am suppose to learn?"

I told him that in time he would know - through all the good times and through many bad times, when the road is very bumpy and you have lost all hope, that's when you must find strength and never let go. When you think life has done you wrong and you feel no reason to try, there is something to be learned and a bigger reason why.

For a person filled with knowledge is far more valued then gold and when you learn of this you will understand life's true role.

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