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Saturday, January 5, 2013


"The only way to survive in the desert is to recognize that it is a desert." (Half Broke Horses)

Recognizing that the desert is the desert means understand the beauty and the deadly of the desert. By having this knowledge, we will survive in the desert. We won't be killed while we enjoy the beautiful scene of it because we forget the danger in it. And we won't miss the beauty of the desert because we are too careful to watch everything from the danger.

So does our life.

To survive in life, we have to recognize that life is life. There is beauty things and there is deadly things.

Enjoy the life we have but always alert. Alert about many things but also enjoy it.

We won't survive if we don't do those two things.

Only enjoying life will kill us. Just watch over our life will kill us as well.

Life is about wine and cyanide. Wrong choice will be fatal.

Recognize it.

Be wise.

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