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Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Many times I wonder, why people fight
Does it really matter who's wrong & who's right?
I wonder…

Aren't they just satisfying their ego,
While arguing with their so-called foes?
I wonder if life is so long,
Is the power of love no more strong?
Many times, I wonder ...

How can silly stupid things like ego dominate love?
Where is the messenger of peace, the beautiful dove?
I wonder, I wonder ...

Excuses people find to ruin their own lives,
It's so strange that even love can be the reason for pulling knives
Jealousy, hatred, diplomacy
Are these the words that make a man crazy?
OR...it's the hunger to gain more,
Are we nothing better than a whore?
Really, I wonder ...

It makes my heart go sore,
When the dusk of war brings lives that are no more
Only need of the day is love

What I need is love
What you need is love
What we want to spread is love
What we want to gather is love
LOVE ... .the zest of life!!!!!

Written in 2006 by Ankur Bhardwaj --- Rajasthan, India 

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