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Sunday, January 6, 2013


I drove my car with my family after church when my daughter, Michelle, tuned in to one of the radio stations and there was a song played, a Japanese song.

And I said to her, "Michelle, this Japanese song title is Amayadori. This song was very famous when I was a teenager."

After I got home, I googled and I found it in youtube.

To tell the truth, I have already forgotten about this song. After listening again in the radio then it is like being resurrected again in my mind. It comes back alive. This song was very famous in the 80s. It sung by Mayumi Itsuwa, Japanese pop singer.

I listened the song again and again, eventhough I have no idea what the song is all about (it is a japanese song, remember). But one thing I am sure that this song must be talking about love.

I tried to find the meaning of the song in the internet and the result was disheartening. There are two sites with their different translations. After googled and googled then I gave up. There is no translation that can be trusted.

And you know what, eventhough I don't know a single word about the lyric, this song is like a river that carry my soul and my mind away. It is so beautiful. So simple (compare to nowadays songs). Yes, that's right, it is very romantic.

Just listen to the song and let your mind be carried away. And you will know what I mean.

(Joseph Pratana)

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