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Thursday, December 6, 2012


A letter arrived to the old professor's home where he had retired after teaching and graduating many generations of scholars. The letter came from James, an average student who had struggled to pass the professor's classes but had finally made it.

Many years after having graduated, James had assumed an important leadership role in his company but felt uneasy at times. James wrote a desperate short question to his professor, whom he consider the wisest person he had ever met, even though he knew he could have done a better job at taking advantage of his former teacher's lessons.

"Master: I am not sure if you are still at my former Alma matter but I would like to ask you if I could please come back to try to relearn the things that I missed at school so that I can redeem your wise advice and teaching."

The old professor's wrinkled hands held the letter up in the air and took off his glasses to stare at the sky for a moment, sigh and grab the old red pen he had always used to mark James's papers. The red pen was never used to mark James's papers down, but to provide notes of comments and reflection questions on the pages margins.

The old professor's note briefly stated:

Dear James,
It will be my pleasure to have you back so that I can continue learning from you. 


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