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Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Attitude is one of the most important ingredients in determining success or lack thereof for all people. Successful people have one thing in common - an expectant attitude of success.

Most people begin each morning in neutral and react to events of the day. You can be one of the successful people in life by starting each day with a positive attitude, a gratitude for the opportunities you have, and an expectancy of the best for yourself.

People tend to live up to expectations. We get out of life just about what we put into it. Our environment becomes a mirror of our spirit, our attitude, and expectations. If we keep a great attitude, we get great results. If we have a fair attitude, we accomplish fair results, and if we have a poor attitude, we accomplish poor results.

The world will give you back what you expect, so expect the very best. Don't be defensive or doubtful. Nothing changes unless you do. Before you can do something, you've got to be something. Know that you have worth and value. Show that to the world.

Treat everyone you come in contact with as the most important person of the hour. It will build self-esteem. Smile! You'll be rewarded with a returned smile. Don't react to discourtesy. Forgive everyone who ever hurt you. Then, forgive yourself.

Keep yourself healthy. Exercise. Eat a proper diet. Radiate an attitude of confidence.

Develop these good habits and your expectancy will be rewarded by successes. This attitude will put you into that group of people who are truly successful, because you will know and understand how an expectant attitude enhances every aspect of your life.

May God bless you with such an expectant attitude every day of your living.

Copyright © 2012 Bob Stoess 
Bob Stoess is a Retired CEO, prolific writer and wonderful mentor.

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