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Friday, October 19, 2012


The hour is late and I'm fast awake,
Pondering and reflecting on my life.
Hoping for future happiness, while battling past memories,
Dreaming of better moments, and waiting for love.
I hope.

Feeling something amiss in life, my heart is sad.
Regretting past decisions, low self-esteem.
Wishing for the best, feeling impatient with time,
Aiming for better days, and clutching my dreams.
I ponder.

Depression through the years, and the idea of suicide,

Has been conquered but left emotional scars.
Past memories are now phantoms, but still have a hold.
Living through the storm, and waiting silently for happier times.
I wait.

A relationship notched on my experiences in the past,
Intimacy lost, and a friend turned foe.
Learning that love is not everything in this life of ours,
But I miss my friend, and her warmth wrapped around me.
I ache.

Knowing that the past is impossible to retrieve,
I seek to find another, to share my dreams with.
A close friend to hold, console, and trust,
Someone to exchange hearts with, what a wonderful feeling...
I dream.

Living for the future, knowing that things will pick up.
Accepting of the occurrence of further bleak days - everyone has them,
Just waiting for that spark, to give motion to my fuel,
And start me alight on my journey of reclaimed dreams.
I expect.

No matter how bad life becomes, sunshine always breaks through,
Providing warmth and promise in a winter of discontent.
Your days are numbered, but your dreams are not,
Hold faith for the future, your dreams will come true.
I anticipate.

Copyright © 2003 David Wyatt

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