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Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Yesterday I was on my way to picking up my children. I was remembering someone I lost and the pain it caused me.

I stopped at a traffic light. There was this man who fell off his bike in the middle of the road. He was carrying two huge bags filled with clothes. I assumed he was carrying all his possessions.

He struggled to get up and finally managed to pick up his bike. People would walk by him and cars would just go around him. As I was about to get out of my car to help him, this kind man jumped out of his car. He helped him with his belongings and placed them on the sidewalk. The man still struggled to get on the bike and carry those two huge bags.

I looked at him with intense sadness. I saw him stop and put his head down. In that moment I felt his pain. I knew what he was feeling. He was struggling to take hold of a situation, but couldn't. He felt helpless, discouraged and alone. I felt connected to him. Although our lives were different, we both knew what true suffering is.

I will never forget that man. He helped me remember to be thankful that I had a car to take me home, that my clothes were safely folded in my bedroom dresser, that I had a secure place to lay my head, that I was not alone, that I have the love of my children, friends and family, that even though there has been great loses and suffering in my life, there has also been great accomplishments.

He reminded me to be grateful and never take the slightest thing for granted. He reminded me how fortunate I am and how loved I am.

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