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Tuesday, September 18, 2012


The beauty of life I miss when my thoughts race in an unsteady haste

Is worrying about problems the solution or is it only that I am making waste?

Taking what I have for granted instead of appreciating the good in life that awaits

Do I not take notice of the kindness others show or do I dwell on past experiences that arise which bring about the hates

Life is too short not to have fun and experience the joy of giving and sharing one's self as I awake to a brand new day

To overcome the small unimportant problems or worries that mount because of the lack of not understanding one's inner self and not applying one's faith by turning and running away

I look around and see what's before me and come to notice I have a choice either to live life to the fullest or watch it go by

Life is what you make of it and how you perceive yourself by making positive choices and decisions that you will remember and know as your time has passed that you will not have to ask yourself why?

Struggles and challenges of making a living and caring for one's self and loved ones is what most of us live for

It's the determination to make our lives more meaningful and happy as difficult as this is to achieve when we fall short of our expectations and cry out in silence of wanting more

I am a person who accepts the good with bad and glad I am healthy and alive to be able to view life as the person who I am without regret or sorrow

I live for today to know my horizon can be reached for it is my tomorrow

Copyright © 2003 Duane Gomez

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