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Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Spicing up your life a bit might also reduce the potential for thrombosis. This doesn’t mean that you need to go to the Playboy mansion. It’s not that type of spicing. The use of spices may work far better than the aspirin a day recommended by many doctors. It also may be safer for your stomach than aspirin and better for your health than many of the blood thinners prescribed by physicians.

The body’s repair system forms clots as a mechanism to prevent bleeding to death in the event of an injury. The body sends signals
to the blood to form a plug when necessary for damage. Platelets race to the area, release clotting chemicals and form fibrin that makes a mesh and eventually the clot. Sometimes, the body creates unnecessary clots or clots that break loose and cause damage. These cause stroke, heart attack and deep vein thrombosis causing damage and many points.

A simple change in your diet might prevent this without going to the pharmacist or using aspirin. There are a number of spices that help prevent the development of clots better than aspirin and are far tastier. A group of scientists from India studied various spices frequently used in that country’s food and the relationship to blood clotting. The compounds in the spices under study were capsaicin from hot peppers, eugenol from cloves, peperine from black pepper, quercetin, cucumin from tumeric, cinnamaldehyde from cinnamon and allyl sylphide, chemical in leeks.

The top blood clot inhibitors were eugenol and capsaicin. These far outperformed the aspirin. The eugenol from cloves performed 29 times better at inhibiting the ararachidonic acid, which starts the formation of blood clots. Both spices slowed the production according to the amount of spice used. The eugenol also reduced inflammation, another factor in clotting. Cucumin found in tumeric also reduced the clots but not as much as the previous two.

You can get too much a good thing, but it’s doubtful that you’ll do that by adding spices to your meals. Too much eugenol is toxic so if you take a supplemental amount in the form of oil or capsule, make certain that you never exceed the recommended amount on the bottle.

Spicing up your meals also adds other benefits. Many of the spices mentioned have cancer fighting qualities as well as other benefits including anti-inflammatory properties. They offer a means of increasing antioxidants to the body to prevent many different diseases and maladies, including aging.

Considering the dangers of many of the blood thinners and potential for stomach problems from aspirin, the addition of spice to your dishes or the oils to your supplements might be one method of decreasing your risk of stroke or heart damage caused by thrombosis. Your meals will taste better and the spices not only prevent the blood clots they also bring other benefits to the table. While the pun might be uncalled for, spices in your meals are definitely beneficial.


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