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Wednesday, September 5, 2012


dot to dot connectionAs children we all played with those "connect the dots" puzzles. We would trace along the numbers from 1 to 2 to 3 ...until suddenly a picture appeared. It always amazed me that when it was just a page of hapless numbers, I was unable to see what it was meant to be and even as I traced along through the numbers, the meaning of the picture often remained a mystery until the end. The odd thing is, once the picture appeared, it was easy to see the outline and I would wonder why I hadn't been able to guess it earlier.

Life is a lot like a "connect the dots" puzzle. The direction of our life takes many turns, changing jobs leading to new relationships, lessons learned from bad choices guiding us towards inward reflection, one casual decision moves us toward an unsuspecting detour, while our purpose in life remains unclear to us. And as we trace along more and more "dots" in our life, what appeared as random events, fall together with profound meaning. We begin to glimpse our direction and what once was a puzzle to us suddenly becomes clear.

Maybe it is part of a bigger plan, maybe it is hindsight, but what was once the big mistake we thought we'd regret forever becomes the lesson that taught us compassion, the cherished friendships carefully nurtured over the years holds us close when crisis strikes, and the unsuspecting detour leads us safely toward home.

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