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Thursday, September 20, 2012


It was a beautiful autumn day and I had just gotten out of school. My cousin lived with me at the time and she was taking my friends and me home. At the corner of the street, where it is very hard to see around the bushes, my cousin pulled out and a huge van hit us. I was in the front passenger seat and that is where the van hit us going well over the speed limit. Nobody would stop and help us and I was the only one stuck in the car. I was pinned between the two captain chairs but thankfully I was wearing my seat belt or I would have flown out of the car.

My ribs were killing my and I had a splitting headache. Nobody would stop and help and it was getting harder and harder for me to breathe. I felt like I was going to pass out and just before I did I said a quick prayer and God answered it in a second flat. I said, "God I need my guardian angel right now. How will I ever make it out of this alive?"

The next thing I know a man, dressed in a UPS uniform, comes and goes to my side of the car immediately after my cousin kicked open the door. He asked me if I was all right and said everything would be ok. Then I passed out, but my cousin said he called the ambulance and stayed with me until the paramedics got there. As soon as the ambulance came around the corner, my cousin said he disappeared into thin air. I was rushed to the hospital. My mother was at home worried because she couldn't come and get me because she just had surgery. When I woke I was in the hospital on a straight back board with an uncomfortable neck brace around my neck. The doctors said they didn't know how I had ever made it and didn't die instantly. But I told them, "Well I do...God sent my guardian angel to protect me."

I walked away that day with bruises and the right half of my rib cage broken, but I thanked God for sending my guardian angel or I might not be here. I learned that anything can happen at any time and we are not promised tomorrow so we need to live for tomorrow and today both.

Copyright © 2003 Vanessa Glidden

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