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Wednesday, September 5, 2012


It's official: the iPhone 5 will be unveiled Sept. 12. Apple sent teaser invitations to the event Tuesday, with the shadow from the number "12" forming the number "5" — an obvious reference to the next release of the company's popular smartphone. The invite includes the headline, "It's almost here."

The Sept. 12 iPhone 5 event has previously been reported by a number of media outlets that cited anonymous sources.

Unlike the third generation iPad, which Apple surprisingly named "the new iPad" rather than iPad 3, the invite essentially confirms that the next iPhone will be called iPhone 5.

It's still uncertain when the new phone will actually hit stores. Some tech blogs have pegged late September as the release date, while AllThingsD recently reported that the device won't be on store shelves until October.

Apple released the iPhone 4S about a week and a half after lifting the curtain on the device last October.

The iPhone 5 is expected to feature a bigger screen, 4G antenna and other upgrades.

And other makers of consumer electronics are refreshing their products. Nokia, Motorola and Amazon are expected to unveil new mobile devices this week.

Nokia and Microsoft are trying to generate interest in a new Windows operating system out next month, and Amazon is expected to announce a new Kindle Fire and possibly other Kindle e-readers.

By Andy Vuong 

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