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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


What is life? It's a complex formula of making one lift above his capabilities, if one thinks he's capable, or else it's so simple that you don't have to do any thing. Really, it only means two cases: one you dare to stare into the eyes of life, other you are scared of it; you keep away from it's challenge and you don't have the guts to face it.

Friends we must love life as we have it... think for a moment, what if you didn't had a limb? We have so much so that we don't really need much in material. We need what's known as moral support, just a little love and appreciation. You know by studying and doing hard work, that scientists get their awards and recognition. What do you think they did it for? Do you think they did work only for the sake of a piece of paper called a degree or for the love and respect they get in society?

You be the judge and evaluate why you are not getting what you want. Do you really deserve something that you are asking for or is it too much to ask for? You can only judge yourself and no other person can judge you. If you feel you can judge others, you are fooling yourself.

So I suggest you don't ever lose your heart for any matter... be courageous be LION (ness) hearted!! Get your self up and kicking! Every day you wake up from bed, think that you have got only that day to live and tomorrow you are going to die. So check, are you doing your duties?

I bet after reading this material ( each word is originally from my within ) you start feeling better and move to your prospective life and make things happen and never wait till it happen. If you want to be like me you are probably doing the same work, so be yourself; set your priorities and goals... and work it out daily. Keep check on your performance and attitude. That's all for now folks, I remain, Vijay

Copyright © 2003 Vijay K. Mane

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