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Thursday, August 16, 2012


We all have our stories; intimate stories about our lives that we long to share. Stories about those things that have dearly touched us and stories about things that have cruelly torn us apart; stories about honor, stories about despair.

Our stories are about what happens to us, within us, around us. Our daily joy, grief, the silly times, the lonely times. Some of our stories are about that simple moment in our lives that change us forever. And some are about the significant moments that we wish we could do over.

We add daily to the stories we need to tell. And we let go of the ones that no longer seem meaningful enough to share. These stories we gently lay to rest.

When we listen to each other's stories we learn about ourselves, and we learn we are not alone. Listening to another's story, we feel united by common experiences. It is what helps us recognize the hero within and graciously receive the one standing before us.

Our stories need to be told. We search out someone to listen, someone to understand, someone to tell us their stories. This profound connection is essential to our wellness. The telling and the listening are what makes our lives authentic.

Copyright © 2003 Bernadette Ballezza

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