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Thursday, August 16, 2012


We all live in a world where we make our own journey... toward a place that has always existed in our minds; a place where a few have actually been but many still are trying to find. "I am home" some may say, but a home is an abstract concept of the reality we try to create.

Life should not just be from a perception of the reality that we are in. It's a mere reflection of what we try to make of the world that surrounds our very soul; our family, friends, people we learn to trust and love, people we try to understand and who try to understand us.

'Exciting!' one may think from the countless possibilities of "being YOU"; the vast ideas of thinkers making a star out of a dust or of someone to shine from the ashes of defeat. Life is but a short life span of reality but an infinite expression of possibilities.

Never hold anything that would chain you to the idea of despair, but hope. Have courage and take Flight knowing that you were always born with wings to soar high. Dream like you've never dreamed, hope like you've never hoped and stand on firm grounds. Never make haste for what needs to be accomplished for in every step of the journey, we gather the treasures of life; enriching our very soul with wonders beyond belief, shaping our very own identity to be "Special".

Lastly... Never let despair prevent you from inspiring others and in the process be inspired yourselves. As in this life's journey we will find friends who would guide us through the storm and be a rainbow after the rain.

Copyright © 2003 Raffy Rabin

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