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Wednesday, August 8, 2012


A very nice person when on a hunt for a tree to make them happy. A thought came in their head, where do I find a tree that makes me happy. The forest, how logical, there are so many trees there. That is where I will find my perfect tree.

So the journey began at the forest. As this person went deeper into the trees, a large smile appeared. I have found so many nice trees. Look at them all. Some are tall, some are smaller, some have many leaves, and some do not. There are trees with large branches, some with little branches. Oh look at all the trees.

As the journey continued, and some time passed, a bit of confusion came over this person. How can I tell which tree is really special, from the ones that are not. How can I tell which tree is my tree, from a tree that is just a nice tree. They all have many good qualities; they all have some good points to them. But, they are all together, and so many around, how in the world do I pick the tree that is special, from the tree that is just a tree?

As some more time passed, this person discovered that while many trees were very fine trees, it was impossible to find what the mission was; to find that special tree that would make this person happy. Sure, it was much safer among many trees, see, if one fell, or got sick, or got chopped down, there were other trees to take its place. But then it hit, if a tree can take another trees place, then, how special was the tree that was replaced? What would be the answer? What to do. So, this nice person decided to leave the safety of the forest, and venture out. Maybe the answer would come.

A little down the road, amazement happened. There stood a tree, by itself, alone, but standing tall and proud, as any tree in the forest. So this person went to this tree. And under the tree is where they stood. The rain came, and the tree protected from rain. The tree was providing safety, warmth and dryness from the rain. Then came some wind. The wind was very strong, but this tree sheltered this person from that wind. The storm left, and it was becoming dark. Hunger was setting in, but the tree had fruit, and provided food. The next day, when the sun was very hot, this tree provided some shade. How amazing a tree! Could this be my tree?

It hit this person that the tree they were looking for really could not be found in a crowd. If not for taking the chance to wander away from safety, how would one find out how wonderful a particular tree could be? Only when willing to risk, reward was found. And risk it could be, after all, this tree could have been hit by lightning, could have been chopped down, could have contracted a disease, and could have been overtaken by many things. But, the tree was there, standing tall, and those things didn't happen. Could it in the future? Of course, but this is what finding something that is just for one involves, that risk.

This person found their perfect tree. A risk into the open, and looking for that special one was the turning point. The tree, by the way, found its perfect place to be too. The tree could have been placed in a park, with many people, but then the tree would have been in the same boat. No, the lone tree, by itself, found by a lone individual, that is where the most precious gift was.

Copyright © 2002 Mitchell D. Orapello

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