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Saturday, July 14, 2012


Experience everything. Ask questions; ask for the truth and the reality that comes with it, through honesty is the only way you will get to know a person and be able to step past the boundaries that we all put up.

Learn from peoples mistakes, but more importantly know when it is ok to make your own, because no one will do everything right. Never hold back, even if you think you are
wasting your time, there will always be something to learn from any experience, it just depends on the way you look at things.

Prepare and expect the drama and uncertainty that comes with doing something different. Be ready for it, plan, and think of it as a personal challenge of your skills. If you can diffuse a problem or cope with a situation that might seem out of control to others, then you may have already won a battle.
Keep a positive attitude. Do not wallow in your own frustrations and poor luck. People do not want to be with losers; by always portraying your own self-pity you will push away the people that will really be able to help you.

Do not lead people on if you think you are in a situation that is over your head. Be honest. Stop and get out. In the long run you will be better off.

Be a role model, inspire, push and motivate people. Through other's fortunes you will be repaid in some form or another even if it does not happen immediately, it will. If someone else becomes a better person due to your influence than you have both gained respect and gratitude from the situation.

Above all be a good friend. Friendship is the one thing that you will miss the most if it is taken away or lost. Always become friends first this applies to every relationship you make. Always try to build that bridge of friendship between people; without it, you are just going through the motions. Never, never burn bridges.

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