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Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Sometimes as kids while we are growing up we look at others as we would like to be, whether they are a sports figure or even a family member. There is something about them that draws us to them and sometimes they are even referred to as our heroes.

These individuals become Role Models in most cases not even knowing with the exception of but a few. Those Role Models that do understand try to make sure that they act, speak and encourage in the right direction even if they know that what they do behind closed doors contradict the image that they are projecting. Sometimes it takes a special something to be like our Role Model. Unfortunately we are not made the same and our personal experiences and likes are like grains of sand amongst a beach of others.

Children grow as empty vessels waiting to experience and learn and sometimes look to Role Models as a dream. But sadly to say for most that is all that it will ever be.

The reason that sometimes we fall flat on our face at some point in life trying to reach for something so close but that much further away, is because we missed that one important step. That one step that would have brought us closer to our goal. When we are young we do not understand all of this. We only have focus on where we want to be and not enough attention on the steps it takes to get there.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the good folks over at Silicon Valley spend a lot of time trying to persuade students from colleges all around with big compensations and dinners in hopes that they would drop out of college and start a path with them. In some cases this works but in most cases the student is not prepared. Only because of the hype and a vision does a student abandon his or her studies to be like the "Steve Jobs" type of Role Model and fail or realize it was something they did not want to do. Don't get me wrong. There are plenty of prodigies out there that were given the break they needed or deserved to do what they had dreamt of doing at an early age leaving them virtually externalized within the industry. But tell me… how many others will be derailed from growing into the people they were meant to be trying to pursue this type of Role Model.


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