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Thursday, June 21, 2012


We are all special in some way but those individuals
Who live each day handicapped
Are the true special people,
I can say.

Overcoming trials and tribulations
Of doubt and despair
Of ever becoming good enough or accepted
In society today.

Wanting to become one of the accepted
Instead of one of the lesser few.
Not to be left out but let in as if saying
"I can feel too".

"I may not walk and talk the same as most persons
I am human, I can see",
This is what they are saying when they are unable to express themselves
Like most normal people do.

Imagining the feeling of realizing at an early age,
An individual was told the truth
Of their infirmity by their parents,
Of what they are.

The cries the pain and suffering
By both parents and child
Would be too much to imagine,
By far

Yes they are special in many ways that you or I can't see.
It takes a certain kind of patience
And understanding and love
To care for one of these special ones.

On the outside they are plagued with deformity of muscle
Or speech impairment
In not knowing when their speaking
Is done

One of God's creatures has made great strides from medicine and health
And a person's ability to have strength
And endurance of overcoming obstacles of defeat
To live.

How proud they must feel
To know they can be like the rest of us
And all they ever wanted was to have a normal life
That they could give.

Copyright © 2001 Duane Gomez

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