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Friday, June 15, 2012


Focus on what you do have
Not on what you don't

Appreciate the peace and quiet of today,
Because someday soon, you won't

Realize that life's struggles create wisdom,
There's a reason why everyone has their own cross to bear

You must experience some hardship to progress
Only the weak live without a care

Strive towards your ultimate person
Live each and every day to it's fullest

Embrace everything that is good in this world
And distance yourself from the cruelest

Take the time to get to know yourself
Establish your strengths, weaknesses, aspirations, and goals

Understand that you do have a special place in this life
Keep an open heart and mind while waiting for your call

Stop, look, and listen to the beauty of your existence
Learn to relax from time to time

Remember that you will only be this age once
And no matter what age it is, you can choose to be in your prime

Commit to loving it all
Take the bad along with the good

Take special care of the relationships you were blessed with
Concentrate on being the child, parent, friend that you should

Believe that you can be truly happy
No matter what setbacks may arise

Get back on you feet, and keep climbing to the top
Because damnit, you're ALIVE!

Copyright © 2001 Lalena Damian

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