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Friday, June 1, 2012


If you can't be the very best
Then shoot for second best
Numbers don't mean a doggone thing
When fitting in the scheme of things

In any given game of challenge
Competition can be forceful and swift
Only one is crowned the title of Number One
No matter how close the sift

Everybody can't be Number One, not even Number Two
So forget about the doggone numbers, and do what you have to do
Don't let the numbers fool you, think less about what they mean
Remember, they're only numbers, the challenge is to keep your mind clean

Never forget your roots, and never forget who you are
Trying to be someone else will never get you that far
That person outside of you should always reflect the person inside
Anything short of that is in opposition to your own self-pride

There's no one on this earth that's any better than you
In spite of what they have, fame and fortune can be yours, too
So forget about the numbers, and reach for the things that count
And ironically enough, your self-esteem will surely mount

Copyright © 1999 Juanita Bratcher

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