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Sunday, June 3, 2012


This is surely one of the easier subjects that I will touch on. Aeroplanes are part of our everyday life. It does not have a direct impact on our everyday life, but most of us have traveled in one, or if not, wished that there was an opportunity to get into one and feel how it feels to be so high in the air. The topic came to me in prayer this morning. The Holy Spirit made it so clear to me while I was praying / pleading for my sister and her family.

If we look at an aeroplane, it is beautiful and also technologically very, very advanced. While it is flying, one can only wonder at the design and power that keep this steel bird in the air. One crucial thing about these steel birds is that after every flight, they need to be checked up; the engines, the wheels, the body, every part. This is for safety reasons and to prolong the usable life of the plane.

The plane cannot be serviced or fixed while it is in the air. It needs to land at an airport. At the airport there are technicians, mechanics, workshops, in actual fact, at most airports there is every conceivable service available to get a plane airworthy again. It can be serviced, refueled, cleaned and be ready to depart again. With a loaded tank, the plane will be able to reach almost any destination on earth, but every plane is limited to the amount of fuel it can take in the tanks, which means that it cannot make every destination in one continues flight. It needs to put down to fill up again.

In my life, and also in everyone else's lives, we need a place where we can refuel, where we can be repaired and fixed. In our lives, God is our airport and we need to frequent the airport for refueling, for repairs, for cleanups etc.

How often do we take off without having enough fuel, without a proper service? Like at the airport, where everything is available, God has everything that we need to use (flying off). God has every answer for every question.

How often do we stop for a service? Even people that have been walking a long way with God need to refuel every day. The closer your relationship is with God, the more often you will refuel; the more often you will stop for the check-up, for those repairs that need to be done before the faulty part will cause you to fall / crash.

One thing you need to remember is that the airport will never move. The plane needs to get back to the airport to be able to land and to be serviced. If the plane has an emergency, it can do an emergency landing, because at the airport there are people trained for emergencies, there are fire trucks ready to assist and there are procedures for emergency landings.

How often do we expect God to come to us, to rescue us from problems? We need to remember that we have to return to God. We can make emergency landings because God is ready and geared for every situation.

With a crippled plane, the control tower will guide the plane and direct it as to help it as much as possible to land safely. So will God always try and help His children to get back to Him. He is the only one that can fix the problem; He is the only one that knows exactly where a problem exists and what the perfect solution is for it!

In actual fact - God loves our emergencies, because it brings us to Him so He can work wonders, so He can fix to perfection. He doesn't need our advice nor does He need our help to fix the problem. He is eagerly awaiting our return to Him. We need to start refueling more often, we need to allow repairs to small parts, to major parts, and just allow ourselves to stand in the hanger and get a proper cleanup and fix up.

Do you have regular checkups? How often do you go back to God for His advice, for His cure, for His help? Where is your airport and how well is it equipped? Is the manufacturer of your plane available or do you allow 'unqualified' mechanics to work on your plane? (It is like taking your Mercedes to a Toyota garage to be repaired!) Can it handle everything?

Can your airport handle traffic regardless of weather, storms, darkest nights or even raging tornados? Are all the lights on your landing strip working? Is your airport available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 day a year? Do your mechanics ever report being sick or tired?

I know that my God never slumbers or sleeps. He never tires and is there whenever you need Him! Where can you find someone more qualified than God to help you, to give you rest and to repair whatever is damaged regardless of how badly damaged you are?

Do you have to pay the people at your airport to keep them working? I know that God gives to me when I ask. I don't need to wonder because God knows all my thoughts - even before I know them myself! You can never out-give God.

How far away is your airport? God is only a prayer away - He is right there! There are so many verses in the Bible that tell us about God's grace and abundance, His mercy and how He cares for us. Won't you allow God to be your portion, your rock, and your saviour? God created you - He knows you better than anybody else, He know exactly where and how to repair and what is necessary for the repairs!

Do you want to fly high? Do you want to fly 'free'? Do you? God is waiting for you to stop for the ultimate repairs at the only airport where your repairs will not cost you and where you'll be able to refuel with the "living water" that only God can give to you.

He will give to you in abundance and He is will provide in full. God never leaves a job half finished. He always completes what He started and God never made anyone that was not worth His attention or that couldn't come to Him! Take the murderer on the cross, when he asked Jesus to forgive him. Jesus did it without any questions asked! God invites everyone that is tired to come to Him to be revived! Make the decision and take the right action, right now is the best time there will ever be!

Copyright © 2001 Chris Putter

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