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Sunday, April 15, 2012


What happened to the world, as we knew it?
Stop and think before you just do it.
Take the time to understand,
To care and feel and take someone's hand.

What happened to the morals we knew?
Stop and think before you just do.
Take the time to lend a hand,
Teach our children across the land.

There's better ways then crime and war,
Stop and think when you go out that door.
There's need for people, and people in need,
Take time to do a thoughtful deed.

If all the people, could stop and say,
I'm thinking of others just one day.
And bring some happy thoughts about
To those who are left without.

If we could rid our lives of violence,
Stop and think of peace and silence.
Live a kinder life in deed
Help each other when in need.

We would not have to break the ground
For so many people all around.
From crimes of terror, violence and passion
If we would stop and have more compassion.

Copyright © 1998 Paula Virginia Duncan

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