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Saturday, March 31, 2012


Are you your brother's keeper? Are you responsible for his/her welfare? None of us can help everyone, but each of us can help someone near us. It may be only a smile, an encouraging word, a shoulder to cry on, or a hug to motivate them. Sometimes, it takes more. Figuratively speaking, it might require a swift kick in the pants or a warning of what the future could hold, if attitudes and actions aren't changed.

We need to be honest in our assessments. We need to understand the repercussions of interfering, when we're not asked. We need to ask God what our tasks should be. Know that you have an Encourager within, who will lead you to right decisions. Trust Him. He's there to make sure you do what's right. Remember, every person you see today is someone whom God loves. You know, none of us deserves God's love, but He loves us anyway.

Jesus told His followers that they would be known by their love. Doesn't that presume that people should see in us a love expressed through our deeds and interactions with others? The essence of God's kingdom is unselfish love. When God's love is present, it results in us helping others.

There is a certain gratification in worldly accomplishments, but it doesn't bring the satisfaction and fulfillment we crave in our hearts. You were created in the image of God, who is love. When you become a giver instead of a taker, you will find comfort, contentment, and joy in your living. So, be a blessing; be a helper. May one of your purposes in life be to help someone today.

The author: Bob Stoess is a retired CEO and prolific writer.

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