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Wednesday, March 21, 2012


My profession is running a dance school for the past 17 years. In doing so, I have learned many things about children; one being that self motivation is really not an inherited character. It is a learned behavior.

In the corporate world that we live in now where it's a race to keep up, some of our children are losing their battle before it ever begins.

At times, I feel like my job requires more than just a dance instructor. I encounter children who cannot even fathom the thought of self motivation.

Why? Because their parents are probably too busy in their own corporate climb up the ladder that they've forgotten to notice their own offspring.

They've forgotten that it's just as necessary to teach their own children how to be successful and to succeed -- how to be creative and to create.

In my own effort to be successful at what I do, there is one point I push every day that I walk into my studio: "You only get what you give". It may not look like much right off the bat, but if you look at the words really careful and read between the lines, it really says a lot.

I have one other quote that I use in teaching expression: "You are like a paint brush on canvas. You "the dancer" are the paint brush and your canvas is the stage."

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