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Friday, March 2, 2012


Life is tough
It can be hard
But when it gets unbearable
Don't let down your guard.

Although bad things
Happen to us all
It's important to remember
To learn from each fall.

Life is tough
But you are tougher
And just remember
It could be rougher.

Remember to cherish
The good things in life
They help you get by
In times of strife.

Don't underestimate
The worth of a friend
Because without them
Our hearts would not mend.

Always be true
To everyone you meet
If you act fake
You have suffered defeat.

Always be yourself
No matter what people say
It's a lot easier
To form lasting friendships this way.

It's important to say
What is only sincere
Words from the heart
Are the best kind to hear.

Don't worry about mistakes
From way back when
And never wonder
What might have been.

Never look back
The past is gone
Only memories remain
To look upon.

Learn to forgive
But never forget
Put things behind you
And never regret.

Always look forward
Keep moving ahead
So you can be proud of
The life you led.

But don't look too far
Or move too fast
Make the most of each day
It could be your last.

Don’t let others
Get you down
Show them a smile
When they want a frown.

Give people respect
No matter how mean they can be
The fact that they hurt you
They may not always see.

Allow yourself to grieve
It’s okay to cry
Remember life goes on
And the tears will dry.

Enjoy your life
Have fun and go crazy
Just don’t sit around
And always be lazy.

Try your best
In all that you do
Believe in yourself
And others will too.

Believe in God
He's always there
To help us learn
That life's not fair.

Because life's not a game
To win or lose
It is a gift
To love if we choose.

Written by Jillian, Age 17 (Iowa)

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