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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Today I took a time of silence just to look back on my life and to see what happened to me. I looked back on the road of my life and I saw that there are two roads that are leading to where I am currently standing. I could not understand this.

The one road is twisty and go through canyons, over cliffs and it seems that it is a road that no sane man will travel. The other road is a road that looks like a highway. It is straight and flat, but it is also very, very narrow.

I asked God why is there two roads that only converge a little way from where I am standing. God answered me and said that the one road - the twisty difficult road, is the road that I chose to walk. This road is so difficult and so dangerous because I did not heed God's word. I sinned and the devil led me on this twisty road.

As I looked at the twisty road, I started seeing road-signs all along the way, representing the things that I have done in my past. How shocked, horrified and ashamed was I to see all the bad things that I have said, that I have done, that I have thought of.

I can see where I went over cliffs, the places where I have fallen and stumbled and where I got hurt so badly that it seemed impossible to live. There were also places where it seemed impossible for me to have survived the road that I was traveling.

It was really a horrific road. Sometimes there was no road at all and I wondered what happened during those times in my travels on this difficult road. I asked God and He said with a smile in His voice, "Son that is where the devil let go of you and I caught you, I carried you."

I said, but how is it still possible that if I was walking with and following the devil that You where still there for me. He said to me "It is because I love you and I will never stop loving you, regardless of your sins."

I looked with amazement to this horrible road and wondered how it happened that I ended up traveling this dangerous road. As if God knew what was on my mind, He said, "Son your choices was not always right and you had to learn, I gave you freedom to do as you wanted and was hoping that you would learn from your choices."

I shrieked in my body and soul, because the sign posts next to the road showed so clearly the choices that I have made. There was no doubt in my mind that all these choices was very far removed from what God had in mind for me and what He had planned for my life.

I asked God about the narrow road that is flat and straight and He said to me, "Son that is the road that I had planned for you and which you choose not to walk for so long. I was willing to lead you and show you all the riches that I had in my stores for you."

I wondered just how much I have missed in life by trying to follow my own road. I looked at the place where the two roads converge and my twisty and dangerous road meet with the narrow, straight road, it was only a very, very short distance from where I was standing at this moment.

Again, before I could ask God about this, He answered me and said, "Son you started praying, you started leaving the choices in My hands. You started trusting me and you started believing in the power of what I can do. I was hoping that you would come to Me and look at My road."

" All it took was for you, to start asking Me for the things in your life that you wanted and trusting Me enough with those things. I am burning to release My full flood of riches onto you, to give you far more than you could ever ask for or dream of! You must remember that it was YOUR choice to travel your own road, I was always there, but you never trusted Me, you never asked Me to help you."

" You where the one that went of on the difficult road with all the dangers and My road was there all along. It was up to you to come back to Me, because I never left you, it was you who left Me. There, where the roads converge, that is when you came back to Me, that was when you gave up on trying to be the leader in your own life, when you realized that on your own power you are not getting anywhere and you are not achieving anything meaningful in your life, when you stopped relying on your own power.

" That was when you said to me that I must take control of your life and lead you according to what I, your Father, has planned for you. I was waiting so long for you to just start asking Me for guidance, I wanted to take your hand everyday, but if you did not allow me and trust me, I could not do that."

I could only stand in amazement on what happened since the two roads converge. I could see the drastic change and the things that came my way since traveling God's way. I decided there and then that without God in my life, I do not want to live another day. I started understanding what God, my Father had in store for me and it is so simple. I just need to trust Him with everything and I must ask Him for it.

The simplicity of this only started sinking in and I now know that without God in my life, life is not worth living. I vowed that never again will I rely on my own strengths, never again will I doubt in what God has promised each and every one of us. I vowed to keep on looking for God's will in my life and to get to know Him a lot better! God is my King and Savior, how about yours?

Copyright © 1998 Chris Putter --- South Africa 

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