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Friday, February 24, 2012


The rainbow is a reminder of God's promise to us
He paints beautiful colors across the sky
To help us reflect on our Christian lives and not fuss
To show that He cares for us until we die
Sometimes we see half of one, after the rain
But the other day God surprised me with a full bow

The happiness it caused is hard to contain
It filled me with more awe than the mountains or doe
I feel He displayed it just for me
To reassure me of His presence in my life
It was a surprise that I was ecstatic to see
It reminded me that I'm more than a mother and wife
I'm a child of God, relying on His direction
He wants to have total submission from me
And the more control that I give Him the more I've won
I'm working on leaning on Him completely and trusting Him fully
This magnificent rainbow filling the air
Was a wonderful welcome home from my vacation
It proved that God is in power with flair
And made me feel satisfaction in my dedication (to Him)

Copyright © 1998 Ruth Overmyer  (Ohio)

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