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Sunday, February 19, 2012


Every day, we fight the fight.
Every day we play the game.
Every day we expect good things.
Every day we want to do our best.
So what's the secret?
Where's the answer?

Well here it is.
There isn't one.

No matter how long you live, all you can do is improve upon the mistakes and reap the success. That's it.
That's your job. So instead of searching for the magic waters, live for now. Wake up with that smile, that energy,
that goal, and strive on. It might not happen or work today, so what. Guess what, it probably didn't for the next person either.

So you take what you have, and try again. Because every day is another chance, another opportunity. There will always be a next time. Remember that.

"Can't" is an excuse and giving up is not an option. So get out of your comfort zone and get something done. Nobody can make you do it but YOU! Not this quote, or anything else you read. It's you.

So find that personal motivation. Make it happen. Because the magic potion is somewhere very few people look, with-in you.

Copyright © 1998 Curt Bachman (Indiana)

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