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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Last night, as I sat there
and I started to cry
my wings were all broken
and I just couldn't fly
all the others were flying
around and around
but for me, I couldn't
I remained on the ground

My wings were so bad
all rusted and torn
from anger and hate
to arrogance and scorn
They wouldn't even flap
being so out of repair
but the thing that hurt most
is no one did care

I just sat there alone
watching all others fly
not even getting up
or attempting to try
But then one moment
God was gracious to me
he sent me a friend
as I prayed on my knees

Her wings were pure white
and her features aglow
she was very strong
which I soon came to know
she picked me right up
and flew to the highest mountain top
I was really nervous
'cause there, she did stop
she told me, "now fly"
but "I can't" I said back

"it's not your wings that are broken
it's just confidence you lack"
I turned around and looked
to check out my wings
they looked so torn
those pitiful things
"I'll catch you" she said
if you start to fall
"just yell out my name"
and I'll hear your call

so I took a running start
attempting to soar
exhilaration went through me
like never before
"I'm flying!" I exclaimed
higher than kings
"I'm flying Al,
flying with broken wings.

Copyright © 1998 Susan Pawlishen --- Massachuetts

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