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Friday, January 13, 2012


What is happening to my marriage?
What is happening to me?
What is happening to my children?
What is happening to my wife?
What is happening to my life?
What is happening to my career?
What is happening?

Why is it going worse each month?
Why is this world so cruel and cold?
Why is there so much violence?
Why is there so much corruption?
Why is it so?

These questions arise daily
The answers to them seems so difficult
While in fact, it is so simple...
The simple fact is...
We have done everything without God
We have forgotten where we came from
We have forgotten who has paid the price
We have lost our charity
We have lost our faith
We have lost our trust
We have lost our love
We have lost ourselves

God said in His book
We must love one another
We must have faith
We must have charity
We must trust in Him

We have come to trust only ourselves
We have come to believe in worldly values
We have come to seek worldly goods
We have come to look only after our own destiny
We have come to distrust everyone
We have come to love ourselves

YOU want to have financial freedom
YOU want to have worldly goods
YOU want to have a successful marriage
YOU want your kids to grow up, having a meaningful life
YOU want to have a successful career
YOU want everything...
Do YOU want God?
Look for yourself,
Open your eyes
Open your ears
Open your heart
Open your soul
Open yourself
Because God WANTS YOU!

He loves YOU
He cares for YOU
He has faith in YOU
He waits for YOU
He has plans, greater that YOU can imagine - for YOU

God waits patiently for YOU
To come back to Him
To tell Him that YOU need Him
To tell Him that YOU trust Him
To tell Him that YOU love Him
To tell Him that YOU are His
To be led by Him
To be fed by Him
To be guided by Him

If God is for YOU, who can be against YOU?
Who can overpower God?
Who can tell the wind to blow?
Who can tell the waves to stop crashing onto the beaches of the world?
Who can tell the sun to stop shining?
Who can?
Can YOU?

If YOU can not do these things
Why do YOU trust in yourself?
Trust in Him that can do all of these things
Him that can do so much more than these things
He can change everything
If YOU allow Him to do it
If YOU trust Him enough

God waits for YOU
He loves YOU
He cares for YOU
He has plans for YOU
He knows YOU

Why YOU?
Because YOU are His child
Confess to Him
And come back to Him
He was, is and will always be there for YOU!
It is up to YOU!

Copyright © 1998 Chris Putter --- South Africa

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