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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


John and his wife got married for 60 years and had never quarrel or even had a bad day together. Many people were always admired his marriage and one day a magazine decided to have an interview with John about his secrets of a happy marriage.

John said:
"Well it happened 60 years ago on our honey moon. My wife and I were riding on a horse cross a vine yard while suddenly my wife’s horse tripled and my wife fell. My lovely wife stood up with a happy face not angry but just said one word “ONCE”.

She continued to ride the horse with me. After a few more minutes the horse tripled again now it’s the 2nd time but my wife still with a lovely face said only one word “TWICE” and got up on the horse again.

While we were heading back home the horse tripled again. Again my wife show her lovely face but this time she took out a gun in her purse and “BANG!” she shot the horse and the horse died.

Well I was shocked on her reactions and shouted “Have you gone MAD!? Why did you shot that horse!?”, my wife looked at me with a happy face and said one word “ONCE”."

From that day onwards we never quarrel again and that’s how our marriage lasted peacefully for 60 years till now.
From AndreasHartanto

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