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Sunday, April 24, 2011



A place. Human cannot even imagine. In like a dream, but real.

Dark. Darker than any darkness. A pitch dark.

Cold. The absence of heat. The cold caused by the absence of life. The cold of death.

The realm of death.


"Now, what do you want to report?".

"We failed, master.".

"Define failure".

"Has escaped. Too strong. Never seen anything like this before".

"How come? We are strong and powerful".

"But not this time, master".

"Once, there was one who escaped, but we will reclaim him back".

"Right, but I don't think this time we can reclaim back, master".

"Enlighten me".

"The one is different. He is not like the others".

"Go on".

"At first, we had no problem.  We just kept him in the abyss and just like the rest of the others. Just like what we do everyday, many times, in fact millions of times".
"Nothing special at the first place. We thought we win. But .....".


"Day one, nothing happened. Day two, things happened just like usual. Normal. We were under control. but day three ...".

"What happened at day three?".

"It was a blinding light!!". (tremble) "Never seen anything like that before!!".

"A rescue team from above?".

"No, no, not like that". (shaking) "But the man!!".

"What's wrong with him?".

"The light was coming from him!!!".


"He became the light!!!". (scary) "He is the light. We never saw any bright light like that before since we work for you. The whole place was bright like the sun appear in our realm".


"He walked away. Walked out. Escape, master". (scary)

"Just like that?? And none of you tried to hold him back?".

"He was too strong. Too powerful!!!". (scream)

"Did you send our Pursuit Team to reclaim him back?".

"No. I did not".

"Why!! TELL ME WHY!!!".

"Because he is too powerful. He is not like the one who escaped before, subject: LZR. We will reclaim the subject: LZR in few more years. But this one is different. In fact this one, he is the one who rescued the subject: LZR many years ago. We won't be able to reclaim him back here again".

"Why is that?".

"He has something which is the opposite of us. Something more powerful than us, master". (in fear)

"Define something!".

"No. He just not has something. He is that something".


"Yes, master. That something is the opposite of us. That something is love. Love is more powerful than any of us".

"It means ..... he wins".

"I am afraid he is".

"Only for two days, we enjoyed our victory over him. Now we are defeated. Badly. Now the whole universe is laughing at us". (pause) "I wonder who is the subject of his love?".

"Mankind, master. His subject for his love is mankind".


"Master...". (in fear)

"Dismiss! Say no more!".

(Joseph Pratana)
photo: http://www.best-free-wallpaper.com/cute/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/DarkRealm.jpg

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